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The minimalistic 40×40 open sim rig

I’ve been busy in the lab designing a sim rig using 4040 extrusion. The original design was this. Features Seat height adjustable Pedal height adjustable with angle Separate monitor stand Total Price ~10,000b with delivery. Cheaper than a manufactured rig but still pricey. Version 2 How can I make it cheaper? By throwing stuff out […]

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How to launch a SAAS in 3 weeks

NB Following are just written down notes from a private youtube video I watched. I don’t claim anything below as my own. It was from originally one of Amy Hoys training vidoes. How to Launch a Saas in three weeks Pick your audience Questions you will have when starting a new business: I have no […]

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Building an OSW sim rig – #1 Planning

Time for a sim rig, something to mount an OSW mige to that isn’t a table. The biggest reason for wanting a rig is to have a proper seating position, currently I need to prop my pedals against water bottles so I can reach them! Which doesn’t work because once I apply pressure to the […]

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Akracing Premium V2 Carbon Review

I have owned a couple of cheap to expensive chairs in my life. Being that I both work on a PC and spend my leisure time in front of one too, a chair is your direct link to pain/no pain in front of the computer. My current setup was a cheap IKEA gas lift chair. […]

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