Launching a new Affiliate site


Decided to launch another affiliate site. Things learnt from previous failures.

  1. Promoting products that have low commissions (eg Amazon).
  2. Not enough traffic to the sites
  3. Checking rankings, instead of ignoring them and focusing on content + links

A new product to promote

Its kinda backwards, but you need a site before you can join most affiliate sites.

  1. Join an affiliate site selling products with high value commissions. $50-60 a sale.
  2. Find the newest product (hopefully competition will be less stiff)

A list of keywords to start with

Use long tail pro, enter the name of the product you are promoting or the niche it is in. Generate 1000 keywords (these are used to write content for)

(Free) use Google keyword tool.

A new site

Plugins required

  • Header and Footer Scripts
  • Social Media Feather
  • Table of Contents Plus
  • Disqus

Important, no affiliate links on the site (at all) until it starts generating traffic.

  1. Write landing page. Have a comparison table. Link to a review of product.
  2. Have 10 content pages written up (using keyword list above)
    1. Each content page should have 3-4 subheadings
    2. 3 tags
    3. Assigned to only 1 category
  3. Install analytics (your choice)

A new promotion

  1. Use Scrapebox rapid indexer, using default list. Most sites on that list are broken, however enough work.


  1. Add 5 new articles a week.



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