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DaYan ZhanChi – Review

I decided to try this one after seeing it on someones youtube channel. My initial impressions of this cube out of the box was BAD. I was kind of disappointed really as it does get recommended. The Moyu AoLong GT is by far a really nice default everyone can love kind of cube. The Dayan has […]

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Clothes for ultra light travel

I love the challenge of ultra light travel, that and I hate carrying a heavy backpack. It feels literally like I’m under forceful oppression. Clothing is the first big step. One word, synthetic materials. Anything with polyester, spandex etc That shit is light, dries fast and packs down to nothing in size. Second word… Uniqlo. […]

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Omg! My SAAS revenue is dying

Recently revenue to one of my long time standing desktop apps experienced an out of nowhere, precipitous and scary drop in MRR. I’m talking about 50% drop month on month. This is the 3rd month… ouch. Its stressful when things seem to be doing smoothly one month and the next month 50% of your revenue […]

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