How to monetize your blog


As you keeping blogging and adding great posts to your site you will start to generate traffic.

How to turn that traffic into cash = monetization.

There are many options online for turning visitors to your blog into an income, however, it boils down to

a) Selling clicks

b) Capturing leads

How you make money or monetize your site is the primary goal of building a blog.

Selling Clicks

Basically, anything that a user can click on takes them another page where if they make a purchase or complete an action you get a kickback.

Ie Affiliate sales, affiliate marketing.

Many places offer affiliate programs.

  1. Amazon.com
  2. Clickbank.com
  3. Google to find more “affiliate program”

Depending on your blog audience you need to pick and choose products that they are interested in reading about.

Once you have a product it is very easy to write a review post, how to blog post etc about the product and add a buy now link at the bottom of the post.

You could also sell ad space, or inline content that when a reader clicks on them you get a payment per click.

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Adbrite

Capturing Leads

You can capture all the traffic on your own website and sell them something later such as your own product.

The first step is to build a mailing list.

  1. Get a mailing list provider such as mailchimp.com (they have a free plan). Mail list providers track open rates, click rates and handle unsubscriptions so that you stay within the can-spam rules.
  2. Offer something for joining your list, pdf download, software, guides etc.
  3. Include optin form everywhere, you can try fancy WordPress plugins like sumo.com
  4.  Mail your list special offers and see what people will buy.

Simple. The devil is in the details.


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