Affiliate World Asia 2016 – A non affiliate marketers review


Affiliate Word Asia was held in Bangkok this year 2016.

It so happens that I live in Bangkok, so it was a no brainer to go. In fact its a simple 20 min train journey on the BTS.

Tickets to the event cost me $525 (I missed out on super early bird)

TIPGet the super early bird for $300. At the door it jumps to $600

Day 1

I had no idea what to expect. I skipped out on pre-registration on the sunday and just rocked up around 10am on the Monday.

Registration went smoothly, all I had to do was show my phone with the little barcode to get my wristband and entry ticket.

Morning Exhibitors

Remember, i’m not actually an affiliate. Consequently, when I walked around the booths this is what I saw.

  • Network
  • Traffic gen (Mainly adult traffic)
  • Network
  • Affiliate related tools
  • Shopify
  • More networks…

None of them was useful or applicable to me. Bummer.

No sh*t sherlock… Affiliate Word… uh ha.

I came really to hear 2 speakers

  1. JohnnyFD
  2. Matthew Woodward
  3. Neil Patel (turns out he was here)

Based on the speaker line up, I assumed everything else would have been applicable or at least interesting.

Neil Patel Talk

Day 1, the only speaker was Neil. Great speaker, no nonsense very casual speaker. Took pictures of the slides. Good stuff.

Basically, in a room of affiliates, he was trying to sell them the idea they should start their own business selling their own shit.

By the time he was done, I had run out of things to do… So I went for early dinner and a massage.

Came back for the networking dinner + drinks.

I regret having early dinner.

The thing was catered supremely well on top of the Lotus skygarden. Amazing views. Drinks was even included, although they ran dry well before the end time of 10pm.

The location was amazing, and featured right under the big tower.

AAGo at 6:45, get in early and drink. Open bar ends well before 10pm.

I managed to meet 2 of the speakers, but Neil was a no go as he was constantly surrounded by people.

When I did manage to get next in line, he did a total 180 on me and disappeared into his friends.

Feeling dejected by the sight of his back, I left him alone.

Networking is worth the time spent

I manage to talk to the speakers, which was great to see people who you only read about in real life as well as talk to others that also weren’t in affiliate marketing but had also turned up to the event.

My goal was to meet 3 people and make friends, easily done as most people are happy to talk to you.

Day 2

I skipped the exhibitors.

I missed out on the morning talks (Specifically JohnnyFD) but caught Matthew Woodwards speech. If you want to take a peek at his talk, you can find the download link to his presentation in the image below.

Very smooth, he doesn’t even have cue cards or anything. He just runs it all of his head. Impressive.

Once again, left for late lunch and a massage in Siam.

Skipped on dinner and arrived for 7pm networking party.

Dinner time

Once again amazingly well catered. This time they had BBQ going!

Unfortunately… no open bar? Maybe they ran out of funds on the 2nd day. You had to pay for your own drinks.

The drinks were very expensive. 250b for a beer. Which for most people coming from USA etc, works out to be $7-$10 USD on a drink.

Not too bad in USD, but when you know that a beer in a 7-11 in thailand is around 30b, you have just over payed for your beer by an extra 220b (I chuckled).

Networking was the game.

Surprisingly I met 2 people that had not only heard about my product I sell, but both were customers of mine already.

Its good to know I made an impact.

Closing Thoughts

  1. Get in early and get super early bird through the STM forum. Save yourself $225 dollars. That money can be spent on drinks if you prefer.
  2. If you’re not an affiliate the exhibitors are no good. Unless you want to go on the 2nd day and try to score free shit… like headphones.
  3. Drinks are free only on 1 day, and they run out halfway through the night.
  4. They had free 10min massages (but you can go to Siam and get 1 hr massages for 300b anyway)
  5. The party continues. I know people who kept networking and going clubbing with other affiliates, speakers and AM way after the AWA summit finished. In fact, AWA brings in a lot of people to one central location.

Was it worth $525? Not really.

Meeting people and making friends was worth it, but can you put a number on something like that?



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