How to add an optin box automatically to all your posts


Adding optin boxes everywhere on your site can help greatly to encourage people to optin to your newsletter, product etc

Common locations are sidebars and within content.

Do optins work?

Yeah they do actually, I just have 1 sidebar optin and people do use it. As according to the optin stats shown on my wordpress dashboard courtesy of optimizepress.

In fact when I added another optin box that appears at the end of posts too (courtesy of the method below), I saw my rates almost double in Oct!

Since installing it in Oct, I’ve almost doubled my optin rate

What happens if you have xx number of posts already published and don’t want to go back and re-add optin forms to every single post?

Use a plugin

Actually it turns out, there isn’t a simple plugin to auto insert arbitrary┬ácontent anywhere in your posts easily.

In fact the secret hack, is to think of your optin as an “ad” and that you want to insert ads automatically in your posts.

Doing this and lo-behold plugins start coming out of the wood work.

I tried 2 plugins, the first one “Ad injection”

It was a bit of a mess honestly, and ultimately the plugin kept crashing on me every time I went to re-save changes. Bummer.

Then came along this plugin


Has a simple step-by-step wizard, and most importantly no bugs.

How to configure advanced ads

Install the plugin then click on “Ads”


Click on “New Ad”


Then follow the wizard.

I wanted to add an optin form to the end of each post (since I already had one on the sidebar). Like so.


Its a simple email optin that forwards users to the trial page of a product.

Rather than retroactively add this box, it would be easier to auto add it.

Name the ad


Select content type

Select “rich content”. I made mistake of selecting plain text and it it printed out wrongly. I’m using shortcodes in my optin box.


Provide content to insert

Very nice that its standard WP editor. It means I can access optimizepress “Add Element” and create my optin in the wizard.

Important otherwise you would need to create a dummy post to get your content, then copy that code into something, then delete the dummy post.


Select position

Very easy to understand. Since I don’t want to float or do anything special, I just select default. You can set margins around the optin box if you wanted to.

Click next to continue…


Select placement

This is an important setting. I only want the optin to appear on my blog posts. Not anywhere else!


Kind of confusing, but I deleted the default general condition. Went to new condition and selected post type, then clicked on “posts”.

Visitor conditions

You can selectively display your optin, but I was happy to have it always displayed. So no options selected here.


One of the conditions is “Logged in”. Which means you could have a different optin appear for logged in members to your membership site. Neat.

Then click SAVE and go.

Done. No pain. Ready to go.


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