How to generate product names for your product (Simple)


Naming a product for a business/company sucks big time. It can be a long process that takes a great deal of work.

Create a list of ideas, remove trademark names, think how customers may feel about it, remove any word that may translate badly… then keep on the search to find a perfect combination of words.

Particularly given the following advice from 37signals:

Give your app a name that’s easy to remember

A big mistake a lot of people make is thinking their app’s name needs to be ultradescriptive. Don’t worry about picking a name that vividly describes your tool’s purpose; That usually just leads to a generic, forgettable name. Basecamp is a better name than something like Project Management Center or ProjectExpress. Writeboard is better than CollaborEdit. [Source]

With that being said, the first name I choose for my products is a purely descriptive one, I like to know what I’m working on and the marketing of it seems easy as you can deduce the function of the app from its name.

Introducing SEO Cloud Content.


When it began, it was a way for you to find content for your keywords, on the cloud (ie not have to install anything on your desktop).

The name SEO Cloud Content describes perfectly in 3 words what the tool does.

Since its initial inception, I have actually pivoted the idea based on the questions I got from customers using the app. I discovered that article generation has its absolute limits. I wanted to teach everyone that writing good content is easy and that you don’t need automated content tools to do this. Throw out the idea of auto content generation, but let the computer do the research for you. Which is what the tool has now become.

SCC is a tool for you to find keywords, group those keywords into topics so that you can write SEO optimized content easily.

But damn… the name SEO Cloud Content doesn’t describe at all the tool anymore. Time to start the naming process all over again & find a new more descriptive name that can lend itself easily to branding.

Using fiverr for name ideas

It sucks sitting in your chair trying to think of product names. Call it the “curse of knowledge”. If you’re anything like me, anything you can think of sounds lame. Of course in the first place it was I who thought of that ultra-descriptive product name no-no. Nothing kills productivity than thinking of hours wasted trying to throw random words into a bag to find a product name.

What I need is someone else to suggest me a name. A name suggested by others feels fresh & more importantly you either instantly like it, or you don’t.

What is the easiest way to get a naming suggestion?

Go on fiverr.

There are plenty of gigs.


Just spend $5 (actually $6) to get 3-6 naming ideas and order 2-3 gigs. You don’t need to spend any more than that. Order gigs from different people so you get a better range of inputs from different minds.

Here is the results from 2 gigs.

  • Liftoff 
    Tagline: Create SEO articles in 3…2…1
  • Article Hero
    Tagline: Your secret weapon to great articles and super rankings
  • SEOButler
    Tagline: Article writing made easy
  • Fabled Pen OR Fabled Type
  • HighHarmony
  • WordArchitects
  • Project Rare Pen
  • NOTO Creation
  • Ignite Word

Both of the vendors was kind enough to avoid using trademarked names.

From that list, the ones I feel that could work are:

  1. SEO Butler
  2. Article Liftoff
  3. Article Ignite
  4. Article Hero (but sadly this one looks like it exists)
  5. Smart Write (my own idea)

Now of the 4 I need to pick one to take over the SEO Cloud Content mantle.

I am planning of using Google Adwords to strategically test the highest converting product name.

Free name generators

If you don’t feel like spending $5, but would like to try it yourself.

I recommend the following…

http://www.namemesh.com/domain-name-search is a very good tool for suggestions.

Very simple but attractive UI, simple to use and finds variations on your naming ideas that have the domain name available.


How about domain names?

An exact match domain name with a tld .com is nice. But its one more block on your path to greatness.

Just add a “get” “lets” “hq” or something to the name to get started with.

If the product takes over and makes $$$ you can always buy the domain name later.

But don’t buy the domains from GoDaddy or anything, its cheaper in the long run (and you get free private registration) to use internet.bs

Using Google adwords to test names (#fail)

After failed abortive attempt at trying to test names using Google Adwords (they are super restrictive on the landing page… couldn’t get it approved without multiple revisions… nightmare. But some results did come in)


Ignore all the errors…

It turns out that “Article Ignite” got the most clicks… of course, here is the caveat. None of the results are statistically significant. So I don’t know if the name is better cause it’s better or just because of random chance.

Starting with Article Ignite, I did some more thinking and it came to me “ArticleInsights”.

So I went back on fiverr to get some logos drawn up so I could see what the actual names looked like on paper.

Fiverr logo drafting




Are these logos painstakingly thought out? nop

Are branding experts rolling in their grave? most likely

Does it matter? Nah…

In fact I have had professionally designed brands, icons etc. At the end of the day, I didn’t end up using it.. wasted effort on something that wasn’t needed at the time. Lesson learned.

To be honest it was a throw up between the 3. Article ignite is pretty cool name, pagekata seems overly sophisticated and article insights… well at least its easy to spell.

I decided on Article Insights.

  • The tool was about more than just writing, its about research and exploring content using keywords as a gateway.
  • Insights gives me some room to pivot the idea without having to rename
  • PageKata was nice, but I was told it was to “asian”

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter.

I just needed a new name to replace “SEO Cloud Content” as that name was no longer aligning with the original design and vision of the tool.



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