How to get feedback on your app, without asking


Have a web app but not sure how to improve it?

Customer surveys, emails etc not coming in with any good suggestions?

Sometimes its easy to get stuck in a rut and wonder, ok what do I need to improve on next?

It would be nice if we could just have some automated, simple way of gathering feedback on our app without having to engage directly with the customer always.

I found a solution.

I don’t why its taken so long, but if you run a web app.. did you know you can record what users are doing on your app for free?


Its here:


The best bit, you don’t have to pay a single cent to use it right now!


What it does

You install a simple javascript on your app, and it records what users do on it.

Then you wake up each morning and watch the recordings.

This is how its helped me:

  • Track down bugs (ouch some are painful)
  • See how a user would hit the app in an inconsistent state from a last session and then get confused
  • See exactly where users are clicking (even though they weren’t meant to yet)
  • See how they would reach a new screen and get stuck or abandon the app
  • See new and creative ways the app is being used outside of its intended design

Some painful things of smartlook (They are still in BETA)

  • You can’t delete recordings in bulk
  • IP blocking to stop recordings on your own IP doesn’t work
  • Can be a time sink as only a few users will generate couple 20-30 recordings a day

The great thing is that you get feedback without having to email users and waiting for bug reports (that rarely come).

Its a very pro active way of testing changes you made to your app/site and verifying user flow.




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