How to network like a pro


I suck at networking, in fact I have almost no experience with it.

I ran into the following course, Thomas McVey – 12 Weeks to Selling Your Ass Off.

The most useful section was the one on networking. None of the following is anything I invented, but something I’ve distilled for my own notes that I want to share.

This is a short post, but powerful and packing… No fluff.

What is networking?

Its about meeting people, not about selling them something. Its about being their friend, learn about their needs, their perfect clients etc.

Its about helping as many people as you can, in return everybody will be out there to help you.

You see, when I go to a networking event, no one is afraid of me because they know I am not there to sell anyone. I have a good reputation for
making friends and I treat my friends well. And somewhere along the line well after the relationship is formed, it never fails that they have a referral
for me.
 – Thomas McVey

Who are you?

Someone who is:

  1. Positive, full of energy
  2. Enthusiastic
  3. If you are asked How are you? How is business? The answer is always i’m fantastic. Business is booming. etc

You can’t make friends with people and portray your business as struggling. Or else, people will be afraid to refer you to their friends. That’s right, you need to show of confidence in order to instill it in others.

The 3 foot rule

Who ever is within 3 feet of you… No hesitation: You introduce yourself and

  1. Try to make a friend of them
  2. Take care of them.

If someone is in your space its the perfect opportunity to talk to them, no need to bounce around the room.

Quality over quantity.

You are not there to look for prospects but to meet people.

Networking Bootcamp Challenge

Try this to kick start your network.

  1. Go to 5 networking events this week
  2. Meet 3 people at each event (Only 3, no more no less)
  3. Refer 3 people (that you met over the week)
  4. Find a networking wingman

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