How to share your own posts to Facebook & Twitter automatically


Do you use Facebook? How about Twitter? Or how about the gazillion other social media networks.

I don’t either. However I like quick and easy wins.

A FB page and Twitter account is easy enough to create and most times you will end up doing so as most other services on the web you will use tend to ask one of those 2 things to login with (instead of a good old create account).

Might as well do something with those properties, besides leaving it dusty and barren.

Auto share your own posts

If you blog and write content, its free (but a little complicated to setup at first) to have any new thing you write about shared automatically on twitter and facebook.


  1. People and companies search twitter and facebook so they might run into you based on your blog titles appearing on the social networks.
  2. Ranks, google does look at social signals. Might as well get the ball rolling.
  3. You already blog, so you should at least push to the biggest SN sites and get some easy traction

The solution

NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster.

Best thing is that it’s FREE. No need to pay a service.

The setup


  • FB Page
  • Twitter Account
  • Any other social media sites you want to auto post to. SNAP posts to a pretty long list of networks.

Then open the plugin setup page and start adding your SN accounts.

I wont go through it here as the steps involved are quite long and convoluted.

However, they have excellent image/text instructions to help you get setup.

It takes about 5 mins of fluffing around with secret keys, apps, permissions etc.

The result




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