How to stop temporary email registrations in amembers


I use amembers as an important tool to capture signups and do the billing for my products.

Most of all the products I have for sale, I offer a trial signup. The unfortunate thing is that many users will keep resigning trials by using temporary email accounts.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think its a bad thing that users are abusing trial periods as it shows interest in your product but maybe for pricing reasons etc they don’t want to buy it yet.

The problem

The problems are:

  • Sending transaction or marketing emails to temporary email addresses will eventually result in a bounce.
  • Overtime, it lowers the deliverability rate of your account, especially if you don’t have good filtering and bounce processing.
  • In the beginning it will cost you money and it may raise flags with your email relay provider as they might think you are spamming.
  • Most importantly: You can’t contact users to offer them discounts and followups

Stopping registrations using temporary email addresses

Thankfully in amembers it has a very useful feature that stops signups if they try to use those bad bad temp emails.

To find it…

Click on Blocking IP/Email in the amembers panel.

Then just add a new entry for email like this:

Unfortunately, the problem is that you need to add hundreds if not thousands of domains.

Its impossible to do by hand.

There is also no plugin or service that amembers offers.

Where to find a list of temporary email domains (relatively updated)

Yes there are thousands of temporary email domains, the most comprehensive list I found online is this:



  1. File is in JSON
  2. Need to extract the domains
  3. Find a way to import all 2k results into amembers

How to import temporary email domains into amembers

What we are going to do is import a csv list of rows directly into the amembers database, bypassing the UI.

This is how to do it:

  1. Login to your hosting and find phpMyAdmin.
  2. Select the database of the amembers site.
  3. Click on ‘am_ban’
  4. Click on import tab, set import as CSV
  5. Download the CSV file that I have prepared with all the values you need below.
    [sociallocker id=”693″]

  6. Under File to Import, Click “Choose file”, and select the CSV you downloaded.
  7. Hit GO!

It should say “Success” and print that over 2,000+ rows was imported.


Switch back to amembers, refresh the page and you should see that the list of email domains has all the imported values.


You will know that the blocks are working if you check the logs 🙂


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