PLF Module 1



Crazy Like A Fox

Think long term. Have a strategy for everything you do.

Sideways Sales Letter

Turn your long ass sales letter sideways. Break it up and turn it into an email sequence.

  • Building trust by providing content

4 part

  1. Opportunity (Dream)
  2. Transformation (Fix)
  3. Ownership experience (How it is to own your product)
  4. Call to action

Launch Conversation

Ask for feedback from potential clients etc that way you can get real info from customers. Kinda like a sales safari for those that know 30×500 course.

Find ways to engage your customers continually via all emails, blog posts etc.

Building Your List

This is what its all about.

  1. Squeeze page
  2. Freebie
  3. Drive traffic to page


The entire sales process A-Z

  1. Pre Pre Launch
  2. Pre Launch
  3. Launch
  4. Post Launch
  5. Re Launch
  6. JV


Be a premium positioned product like BMW.

Your Launch

Don’t aim for perfection. Just get started.

Your Launch Goals

  • Make money
  • Make the world a better place

Asset Identification

List of existing things you can leverage for your launch.


Goals: Make $1000 in MRR


  • 1 x 30,000 secondary list
  • 1 x 1200 primary list
  • Affiliates on previous product
  • Online presence in SEO forums
  • 1 x Old product which I build but no longer sell it
  • Onpage SEO course outline that is still WIP
  • Sell other people’s stuff to build JV


  • Start publishing on social media
  • Posting on forums/blogs
  • Identify top 10 experts in the niche



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