PLF Module 2


Mental Triggers

List of things people respond to. Obvious stuff.

The Launch Story

Launch Story Themes

Types of stories you can use to sell

Problem Solution Path

Pre launch content is comprised of 3 sections:
1. We’re really focusing on the journey or the opportunity for them to make a
change. (Small problem 1)
2. We’re really focused on their transformation.  (Small problem 2)
3. We’re starting to shift into ownership experience.  (Small problem 3)
! 4. Then at the end you have your sales video or it could also be a sales letter.  (Big problem solvable using your product)

In each video,

  1. present a problem
  2. solve a problem
  3. present new problem (open loop)

eBomb style.  Sprinkle in story & triggers as available.

Business Launch Formula

  1. Start list
  2. Build list
  3. Build portfolio of products


This module is all theory. No action. I’ve seen stuff by 30×500 so all this content isn’t new to me.


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