PLF Module 4


Internal Launch

Bigger than quick launch, smaller than a big JV launch. Launch to people on your list. The BnB of PLF.


Pre-prelaunch: 2 weeks

Prelaunch: 12 days

  • Sideways sales letter
  • 3 bits of content spread over all days.

Open cart: 7 days

  • Close cart, raise price, bonuses disappear. Something bad has to happen once offer period is done.

Your Prelaunch

Identify offer

Let them know product is coming.

  1. Use surveys to gather feedback.
    1. Whatever niche you are in, if you go out and ask people for feedback and what they
      need to learn to really help change your lives

How to build early-buzz.

Warming list


Launch List

Warming your list.

Creating Prelaunch Content

Types of Prelaunch Content

  • Screencap video
  • “Full motion” or “live” video
  • Audio (Not recommended)
  • PDF Report
  • Webinars and teleseminars
  • Software


Will do a product re-launch. Version 2.0 incl name change. Offer special pricing discount for users.

Wasn’t possible, but I can see value in emailing existing lists and asking them “what #1 burning question do you have about…”. ( I didn’t ask cause I have an autoresponder that asks this already)

Def not a step-step guide lotsa of information spread out and fractured in this module. Requires brain function to try and fit PLF into your products. Especially if its already existing.




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