Product Launch Formula (PLF Core)


I’ve been searching for a while for a “method” to guide me on my 2nd product launch. My first ever product launch just felt like a blind man bumbling through the woods! Which at any rate worked out really well at the end. (I hate to think how much better it could have been if I used a tested method to start with).

Initially I really liked 30×500, the free content was top notch and the content spoke on my wavelength.

Then came The Foundation, which had a really hardcore “high pressure gg no re” sales tactic pined onto it which I didn’t like.

Finally… I found out about Product Launch Formula. Decided to go with that. Here is my journey! Since this is me covering it as I go through it, you get a nice blind walk-through of the course.


Got introduced to the PLF via a 10,000ft view.

  1. Stories
  2. Triggers
  3. Sequences

All of that builds your list.


Road Map

Quick overview of all the modules in the course.

Your Path

Just a bunch of feel good examples of people doing good stuff with PLF. Whether it meant turning into a guru, not becoming a guru but getting gurus together. PLF can work for you.


Lotta fluff talk. Jeff’s speaking style is easy to listen to, but if you are impatient the pdfs are a quicker way to get the information as he ums and ahs a bit through some ideas.

I have a business & products, its slow going (especially with the 2nd product launch).

After hearing how much this guy made using only following a section of PLF I was very eager to see how much I could improve my situation by following the course.

I don’t really want to be an in front of the camera guru, so if I don’t have to be… the more happy I am to hear that. Especially considering how he gave an example of a non-guru raking in the cash, I could see myself in that story.



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