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Known Host

Managed VPS hosting. The are 2 important words there.

  1. Managed: Send a ticket and get a response within 2 minutes. No joke, they even publish the response times on the support portal.
  2. VPS. You get your own installed copy of cpanel. Not a shared environment so you can control how strict the server is on resources and what gets installed. Some hosting companies do silly things like throttle your ability to use relay services (for sending emails). Not so here.

Luna Node

Easily the cheapest and most reliable app hosting environment I know. If you think $5 droplets from digital ocean is cheap, try the $3.60 plan!

The nicest thing is that they also offer basic monitoring services, that way if your app or website goes down you get instant email notification. Just paying $3.6 a month for this alone is worth it.

Development Tools

Webstorm/PHP Storm

Simple and easy to use cross OS development IDE built with support for Javascript frameworks like MeteorJS. Buy once, and you have a version that runs on both OSX and Windows.

Best part is that for every year you buy updates, the price drops. You even get a perpetual license for the last version of the software you purchased. Nice.


You can use Cmd+Shift+9 on the OSX to capture the screen at anytime but for windows WinSnap is the tool you want to capture screenshots and have a nice shadow around it.

I use WinSnap to take screenshot images on my websites.




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