The product email sequence for more feedback and engagement


Product Email Automation

This is the auto-responder list I use to gather feedback & generate questions to my products.

Generic welcome email with login/password (Day 0)

Nothing special here just the generic email sequence you send out with login/password and a link to the app.

Invite user to ask me anything (Day 2)

Instead of a forum I have a nice vote script app that allows users to vote on features, ask questions and report problems. The great thing, is that Google will index all content here. That way I can help not just 1 user but every user.

The script is “useresponse” which was the free open source edition that sadly got cut. I do have a copy of it though if someone is interested.


Invite user to make feature suggestion/improvements to app (Day 7)

Every version better! Its hard to get feedback on the internet. There is 2 ways, 1 ask for it, 2 install recording software and get it automatically. Unfortunately desktop apps don’t allow you to record actions easily or if at all.


Ask for a review testimonial (Day 14)

Always awesome to get positive feedback you can use on your sales copy.



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