Where to find co-working or coffee shops in Bangkok to work


If you make money offline staying at home and working is the easy thing to do, you wake up have a coffee and you are already seated in front of your office before you know it. The problem is all the distractions.

This is something I struggle a lot with since I have a killer computer setup at home, throw on some tunes and kick up the air conditioner and there is no way I want to leave the house. However what follows is most likely 2 hrs of work and 7 hours of nothing.

Coffee Shops

Hint: Get a 150b True wifi card @ 7/11. Not all places have reliable internet so you can always fall back to the public True wifi if needed.

Hollys Coffee

Any Hollys Coffee in and around Bangkok is a good choice. They all have free Wifi. They also open late.

Tom N Toms Coffee

Another Korean coffee chain that has wifi and some locations even open 24/7 so you can burn the midnight oil.

Co-Working Spaces

Plenty of co-working spaces all up and down the BTS lines.

They all offer basic hot desk or office spaces.

There is one in Onnut that I want to try (review coming).


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