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PLF Module 5

Prelaunch content Finally something more specific hopefully about PLC. Problem -> solution (but opens a new problem) x 3 Problem solution path. Eventually it leads to your product. Thoughts After going through all the modules, I’m finding it hard to digest and figure out exactly what to do. There is so much info (and a […]

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PLF Module 4

Internal Launch Bigger than quick launch, smaller than a big JV launch. Launch to people on your list. The BnB of PLF. Timing Pre-prelaunch: 2 weeks Prelaunch: 12 days Sideways sales letter 3 bits of content spread over all days. Open cart: 7 days Close cart, raise price, bonuses disappear. Something bad has to happen […]

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PLF Module 3

Apparently this is where the non-conceptual action orientated content starts from. Seed Launch If you have no product. Just do a live webinar, teach something. Quick Launch Have offer, then email your list with some complicated story. Thoughts At the end of it Jeff says ” Don’t overdo these and make sure you keep the […]

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PLF Module 2

Mental Triggers List of things people respond to. Obvious stuff. The Launch Story Launch Story Themes Types of stories you can use to sell Problem Solution Path Pre launch content is comprised of 3 sections: 1. We’re really focusing on the journey or the opportunity for them to make a change. (Small problem 1) 2. […]

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PLF Module 1

Overview Crazy Like A Fox Think long term. Have a strategy for everything you do. Sideways Sales Letter Turn your long ass sales letter sideways. Break it up and turn it into an email sequence. Building trust by providing content 4 part Opportunity (Dream) Transformation (Fix) Ownership experience (How it is to own your product) […]

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Product Launch Formula (PLF Core)

I’ve been searching for a while for a “method” to guide me on my 2nd product launch. My first ever product launch just felt like a blind man bumbling through the woods! Which at any rate worked out really well at the end. (I hate to think how much better it could have been if […]

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