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How to fix R3 stuck button that appears held down on Mad Catz TE2+

Mad Catz, nice products but shody quality. I purchased a TES stick originally, but the joystick had a strange sticking problem. Anytime you tried to move the lever right, it would get stuck slightly before releasing to make contact. On top of that it was noisey like that. I tried everything! replacing the joystick, adding […]

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How to flash the ESP8266 Nodemcu v1.0 to default AT firmware

There is a real dearth of information on flashing the esp8266 nodemcu dev boards. You will find 3 different conflicting methods online. This information is strictly for the esp8266 nodemcu version 1.0 pictured below. What is AT firmware? When you first get the board, it will be flashed with nodemcu firmware. More interestingly it has […]

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