1 simple hack to bypass whole page site lockers


Ever go to a site and get this.

The content is there… but its obscured entirely by a large popup signup box forcing you to register.

How annoying, yes I might sign up, but I don’t know if what you have on page is even valuable at all.

Reminds me of those old CPA content locker pages, from 5 years ago.

Same thing, but the top page is slightly more insidious because the content is on the page and Google bot might be dumb enough to index and rank the content for users…┬áits a trap!

Banish em blockers

If you are using Google chrome, its a simple procedure to get at the content.

No plugin required, install etc.

It does require that you are comfortable with your browsers developer tools!


Open up the developer tools (or Ctrl Shift I)

Firefox users you want to find the equivalent. IE users have a developer thingy.

Now you want to select the overlay.

You select the overlay by clicking on the icon highlighted in the red square.

Click on the overlay.

You are doing it right if the whole sight appears with that blue tint. It means the overlay has been selected.

The corresponding HTML element is selected in the HTML view in the console area.

Right click and select “HIDE ELEMENT”

Important that you hide and not delete it (as sometimes deleting it can break the site).

The page appears in its glory.

Takes 10 secs, still annoying to have to pull up the dev console but is slightly less painful than having to register.



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