Why I love web programming (javascript) more than desktop (c#)


I’ve been a .NET programmer for years. Years. I started with QBasic, went to VB6, upgraded to VB.NET then made the scary but great move to C# .NET.

Desktop is something I’ve known all my life.

However I recently started dabbling into web technologies.

Here are my top reason why I love javascript & web!


Json, KFA. Nuff said. From strict datatype world of c#, being able to add and remove members at will JSON structure is an absolute godsend. I don’t know what the technical programming word they have for it is, but it means lotsa of nice programming short cuts.

One Platform

Although there are differences in the way each browser handles javascript, html rendering etc (which can produce glitches) for 99% of everyone else you got a standard platform to work with.

Desktop apps suck.

  • The app won’t install (doh! antivirus)
  • The app won’t run (doh! You still using windows XP!?)
  • Does this run on OSX (no… use Parallels)
  • WTF, why is UAC breaking my app

Web apps rock.

Build once and it works on anything, OSX, windows, linux whatever.

Awesome IDE

I personally love WebStorm. Of course the Visual Studio IDE is great, its slow, full of stuff you don’t need and impossible to really get the features you want. Most importantly, Visual Studio doesn’t work on OSX. WebStorm works on everything.

Once you learn the ins and outs of WebStorm you can bring it to your Mac or your Windows desktop and have everything configured and working the same with minimal downtime.

MeteorJs + ReactJs

This one is a match made in heaven.

Everything is compartmentalised.

Everything is dynamically synced… in real time (gawd Rsync was such a pain)

If I ever stopped developing in MeteorJs for 1 year and had to comeback and update something, I’m sure I could pick it back up in 10mins.

But for c# webapps… so many noodles of code and scripts for building, it’s a bit of a nightmare.

UI Modal

Building a UX using web is so much more a fulfilling experience. Doing the same thing on a desktop form… isn’t.

Where are my snackbars? onboarding screens? nice little chat box?

There is a plug n play library for everything cool in npm.

Try adding syntax highlighting to a textbox, see how much easier it is to do the same thing using HTML + Javascript.


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