How to fix R3 stuck button that appears held down on Mad Catz TE2+


Mad Catz, nice products but shody quality. I purchased a TES stick originally, but the joystick had a strange sticking problem. Anytime you tried to move the lever right, it would get stuck slightly before releasing to make contact. On top of that it was noisey like that. I tried everything! replacing the joystick, adding lubricant… Nothing fixed it. I never figured out what was wrong with it.

I sold it off and got a TE2+.

Which worked great initially, but 6+ months in and the problems begin!


The R3 button will appear held down permanently when plugged into your PS4, PC etc.

Although it doesn’t affect the stick from working, there is a slight glitch on SF V where you can’t skip cut scenes and intros.

Others have reported the issue here:

The stick is about 8 months old. It worked fine out of the box, then after 6 months in the cupboard, I decided to try it out and realized the R3 button was stuck.

Basically, the PCB that connects the R3 button to the brains of the box had faulty switch on it. Its very easy to diagnose as disconnecting the PCB will clear the stuck button.

Response from Mad Catz

Initially I emailed their support department (which doesn’t have support center for me living in Thailand)

They asked me to send the stick back at my own cost to get a replacement.

I asked if they could send back just the PCB but they said no.

Not wanting to send it back, instead I fixed it myself.

The Fix

Its a super simple fix.

All you need is a soldering iron and maybe some spare solder lying around.

The problem is the R3 switch, which is a very common part.

It has 4 legs.

The signal flows across 2 of the legs.

On the PCB I just reflowed the 2 legs running down the right hand side of the PCB.

You may have to reflow all legs to get it working.

Once I reflowed the 2 legs, the problem was fixed and the stick works again.

Its a SUPER simple fix, took me like 5 minutes. More time was spent waiting for the soldering iron to warm up.

Great thing is a soldering iron costs like USD3 in Thailand. A cheap fix.


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