You don’t need a wardrobe (even if you have clothes)


I came across something today, a great aha! moment that has escaped me for 32 years of life.

Doing the laundry

After you do the laundry, you pick it out of the washing machine and you.. hang it up to dry.

Then after its dry, you take it of the line and stick it into your wardrobe.


  1. You can’t leave clothes on the line because they get dirty from the elements + also it rains.
  2. Clothes put into a wardrobe start to smell
  3. Its extra effort to take clothes down, fold them and put them into a wardrobe.

Its been raining in Bangkok recently, which has meant I had to pull the foldable clothes line into my room. Amazingly, clothes do dry inside the room.


Consequently, I have been leaving the clothes on the drying rack, instead of taking them of it and folding the clothes and sticking into my wardrobe.

Then I realized, why do I bother with that? Isn’t it better to leave it on the line?

Folding it would make it crease again and just smelly inside that cramped wardrobe.

After all I only own 3 shirts, 2 dress shirts, 1 dress pant, 2 shorts, assortment of socks and underwear. I can hang my entire wardrobe, quite literally on that foldable clothes line with space to spare.

Dang, so what is the point of a wardrobe? Is it literally an overflow area for clothes?

No overflow

I’ve decided to leave all my clothes on the line now… Of course some new problems

  1. Clothes rack is large and in plane sight in the room. It takes up valuable space.
  2. Clothes in open sight, not good for when guests come over.

Solutions? Not sure yet, but the idea that I don’t need a wardrobe intrigues me.

In fact if I got too many clothes and they won’t fit on a large clothes rack… I probably… just have too many clothes and its time to start donating to charity again.

The problem with a large wardrobe is that… the clothes will grow to fill the space. Life is about shedding crap you don’t need so that you can focus on other things 🙂



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