The minimalistic 40×40 open sim rig

I’ve been busy in the lab designing a sim rig using 4040 extrusion. The original design was this. Features Seat height adjustable Pedal height adjustable with angle Separate monitor stand Total Price ~10,000b with delivery. Cheaper than a manufactured rig but still pricey. Version 2 How can I make it cheaper? By throwing stuff out […]

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How to launch a SAAS in 3 weeks

NB Following are just written down notes from a private youtube video I watched. I don’t claim anything below as my own. It was from originally one of Amy Hoys training vidoes. How to Launch a Saas in three weeks Pick your audience Questions you will have when starting a new business: I have no […]

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Building an OSW sim rig – #1 Planning

Time for a sim rig, something to mount an OSW mige to that isn’t a table. The biggest reason for wanting a rig is to have a proper seating position, currently I need to prop my pedals against water bottles so I can reach them! Which doesn’t work because once I apply pressure to the […]

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Akracing Premium V2 Carbon Review

I have owned a couple of cheap to expensive chairs in my life. Being that I both work on a PC and spend my leisure time in front of one too, a chair is your direct link to pain/no pain in front of the computer. My current setup was a cheap IKEA gas lift chair. […]

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How to add CKEditor to a react component in Meteor

Adding CKEditor to a react component in Meteor is easiest if you manually download and add the Editor yourself. Meteor packages or NPM packages had me running around trying to fix errors. Download CKEditor files from the official site. Extract all the files to /public/ckeditor folder In your “index.html” add script ref to editor js. […]

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Reducing signup friction

When looking for ways to improve the number of visitors -> trial signups, the first and easiest thing to do is to reduce friction on the signup form. This is a quick easy win. I looked over all our signup forms on the site and did the following: Remove requirement for name Every textbox adds […]

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