An excellent free online button generator

Sometimes you need a button, not a standard boring bootstrap button, but maybe a call to action or a download button? Lots of the download buttons online are in PSD vector files, or PNG files. The problem is that it means you may need to cut and resize the buttons and change the text of […]

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Recommended Resources

Hosting Known Host Managed VPS hosting. The are 2 important words there. Managed: Send a ticket and get a response within 2 minutes. No joke, they even publish the response times on the support portal. VPS. You get your own installed copy of cpanel. Not a shared environment so you can control how strict the […]

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How to flash the ESP8266 Nodemcu v1.0 to default AT firmware

There is a real dearth of information on flashing the esp8266 nodemcu dev boards. You will find 3 different conflicting methods online. This information is strictly for the esp8266 nodemcu version 1.0 pictured below. What is AT firmware? When you first get the board, it will be flashed with nodemcu firmware. More interestingly it has […]

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