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Hosting Known Host Managed VPS hosting. The are 2 important words there. Managed: Send a ticket and get a response within 2 minutes. No joke, they even publish the response times on the support portal. VPS. You get your own installed copy of cpanel. Not a shared environment so you can control how strict the […]

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How to flash the ESP8266 Nodemcu v1.0 to default AT firmware

There is a real dearth of information on flashing the esp8266 nodemcu dev boards. You will find 3 different conflicting methods online. This information is strictly for the esp8266 nodemcu version 1.0 pictured below. What is AT firmware? When you first get the board, it will be flashed with nodemcu firmware. More interestingly it has […]

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How to stop temporary email registrations in amembers

I use amembers as an important tool to capture signups and do the billing for my products. Most of all the products I have for sale, I offer a trial signup. The unfortunate thing is that many users will keep resigning trials by using temporary email accounts. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think its a […]

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How to network like a pro

I suck at networking, in fact I have almost no experience with it. I ran into the following course, Thomas McVey – 12 Weeks to Selling Your Ass Off. The most useful section was the one on networking. None of the following is anything I invented, but something I’ve distilled for my own notes that I […]

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PLF Module 5

Prelaunch content Finally something more specific hopefully about PLC. Problem -> solution (but opens a new problem) x 3 Problem solution path. Eventually it leads to your product. Thoughts After going through all the modules, I’m finding it hard to digest and figure out exactly what to do. There is so much info (and a […]

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PLF Module 4

Internal Launch Bigger than quick launch, smaller than a big JV launch. Launch to people on your list. The BnB of PLF. Timing Pre-prelaunch: 2 weeks Prelaunch: 12 days Sideways sales letter 3 bits of content spread over all days. Open cart: 7 days Close cart, raise price, bonuses disappear. Something bad has to happen […]

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