Akracing Premium V2 Carbon Review


I have owned a couple of cheap to expensive chairs in my life. Being that I both work on a PC and spend my leisure time in front of one too, a chair is your direct link to pain/no pain in front of the computer.

My current setup was a cheap IKEA gas lift chair. I had it for about 1 year. To be honest for under $200 it was a great chair. Comfortable for extended periods. The problem was that if I tried to race on it with some sim wheels, the inability of the back to angle slightly caused horrendous pain in my upper back. Time for a change.

The most expensive chair I ever purchased was a Herman Miller Mirra 2 chair, at around AUD 2000 it was 10 times the price of my Ikea chair. Was it worth 10x the amount? In short not really. It turns out that sitting 6 hours+ in any chair, either the IKEA or Herman Miller would cause pain in my backside and shoulders regardless. Ok, maybe you could do 7+ hours in a Herman Miller, the point is the pain is the same and it required a good 1-2 days off the PC entirely.

So now we go to find a new chair.

Chairs in Thailand

I live here, so I need to find a chair here, luckily gaming chairs are in abundance. There was no way I wanted anything shipped overseas as the duties and tarrifs here easily add another 40-80 USD to the price. Also i’d have to go to the post office and pick up a 30kg package. No Way!

My search started at Lazada, which is the biggest online retailer in Thailand.

Pretty cheap. You can get a chair from about $120.

I read then searched around more and ran into the more premium options on some Thai websites.

Yowzers! The price jumps up by 3 times or more to $300.

So is it worthwhile to get an AKRacing chair for B9,590 or to take a gamble on something at B3,999.

Then I saw this review.


I made up my mind and went for an Akracing chair.

Which Akracing chair?

Akracing have too many chairs on choice that by and large look the same and just by looking at pictures… its hard to see how they differ.

The sizing chart kinda helped, as I like to look at the floor to seat height, having it low would allow more adjustment.

Then I read somewhere that the cheapest Prime options used cloth, while the others used PU leather.

Then I compared prices and found the Premium V2 on a slight sale and went with that!

Akracing Premium V2 Review

The pictures online do a pretty terrible job of conveying how good the chairs look in real life. When images are scaled down the chair looks like a glossy cheap chair. The type of slick glossy that happens when too many people it on a chair and polish it worn and shiny with body oils >yuck<. Not a good look.

In actuality, if you look at the full size shots.


You see that it has a very nice “carbon fiber” like pattern, after seeing that I decided to buy the chair.


Everyone online says “how it easy” it is to put together. Not really. The seat is damn heavy. Out of the box the back part comes separate to the base. I had a hard time aligning the screws to the back part of the chair and having it actually sit in the middle of the two L brackets. A lot of pushing, jamming and sweat later I managed to squeeze the chair into place.


Shit! The molded foam seat is hard! Like really hard. Maybe it needs a good 20 hours of butt time before it mellows out, I don’t know. Compared to the Ikea seat which is very soft this seat doesn’t give. I had to use a softer cushion on top of it for now.

The back angle adjustment is great, perfect for sim wheels as you can adjust the angle. No problems there.

The arm rests only go up and down, which is a super disappointment because even the cheaper $100 china chairs allow you to tilt the armpads. Passable.

The various cushions are ok, but the lumbar support can be hit or miss. The neck pillow stays unused for me, unless i’m watching a movie and want to be in a semi reclining position.

The castor wheels… eep. They look like rims, and they roll…. really really well. I’m gonna make sure I enter my chair in the next annual Condominium Hall Way Championship Chair Race.

Tilt adjustment, doesn’t really work. The spring is too strong. I spent 5 mins unwinding the tension spring at the bottom and gave up as the chair refused to have any “give” before tilting. I had to push down quite a lot to get any incline in. At least I know it works in theory.

Sitting Position

As its a molded almost bucket like chair, it takes sometime to get use to. I’m about 20hours in and still I find it uncomfortable. I’m apparently assured its because “I’m use to sitting really badly” and the AKracing chair is teaching me how to sit “properly”.

Sometimes I find a sweet spot and I can sit down really well and comfortably, indeed the chair requires some getting use to.

Buy it?

If you need an back angle adjustable chair its perfectly fine. If you want a comfortable chair, an Ikea $200 chair works IMHO much more comfortably. Actually mesh chairs are very nice too!

After 2 weeks

Its been about 2 weeks since I got the chair and I think it’s good to come back and give my thoughts after some additional time in the chair.

  1. The seat is still probably hard, but I wouldn’t know as I use a soft cushion that feels great.
  2. I removed the lumbar cushion and head cushion. Its unnecessary and actually its better without it.
  3. I sometimes end up sitting cross legged on the chair as its more comfortable, however the raised sections around the seat dig into my legs.

I still like the ability to adjust angle of back.


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