DaYan ZhanChi – Review


dayan zanchiI decided to try this one after seeing it on someones youtube channel.

My initial impressions of this cube out of the box was BAD. I was kind of disappointed really as it does get recommended. The Moyu AoLong GT is by far a really nice default everyone can love kind of cube. The Dayan has its quirks.

Even after a couple months of use, it still isn’t the lightest turning or silky smooth cube like a VALK or GT is.

However it sits on my desk and survives many cube purgings. Why?

Its lack of give! The cube moves in a really straight forward and stable manner. The cube won’t buldge if you don’t turn accurately. Short of saying that it likes to catch, it does teach you to turn accurately and by extension smoothly. Other cubes cut like crazy and you can pick up some messy movements. Not so with the Dayan!

Slow is smooth and smooth is fast!

Its a heavy cube and makes a very loud and yet satisfying sound when twisting. A lot of newer cubes are light and floaty, not so with the Dayan.

I stuck some new full brights and it gives my hand a work out.

Pre-Lubed Fail
Springs are noisey. Cube is noisy!
Smooth as long as you don’t overturn
Initial Turn Force
Rock solid.
Corner Cut
Will lock. Makes you an accurate turner.

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