Predator Z271T – Gsync, Tobii 1920 Monitor review


This is a review of the new monitor that has just landed in my hands.

Before this I have been using the AOC 24″ GSYNC monitor which I have been using, proudly for the last 4 years and even over 2 iterations. I know its 2 iterations at least because the included features on the monitor OSD changed… bye bye on screen aim point.

Why 24″?

Before we go into why I upgraded it is important to know where I came from and how I stuck to 24″ for so long. Maybe your story might resonant with mine?

I’ve done it all when it comes to monitors.

21″ CRT, 24″ triple, 27″ Dell, 27″ Korean …. then one day I just moved back to 24″.

The greatest thing about 24″ is the size, with just one glance you can view everything on the screen. Sitting on a 27″ wraps around your periphery… which is awesome for games and movies but pretty bad for programming work IMHO. Yes I understand its nice to have multiple screens and high resolutions so you can have multiple windows open, however have you tried a 24″ with everything visible at a glance? Its like watching something on IMAX vs on your laptop. IMAX makes you go wow! Big, but its size can be uncomfortable when you need to focus on everything on the screen, which is normally the case with programming work… you need everything in front of you.

The game changer for monitors is… 144hz. Not just for games, super high refresh rates makes your desktop and consequently your mouse feel super smooth and amazing. Going back to 60hz and you can see your mouse cursor stutter.

So for those 2 reasons 1. Being able to see everything quickly 2. 144hz meant I stayed with gaming monitors for a long time.

Now why 27?

I run 1920 x 1080. Which is great resolution, big enough to fit most of all windows I need without everything getting squashed. The best part is that the DPI is not so high that text doesn’t look too small! Yes I have used 2560x monitors and text is tiny… windows scaling sucks for hi dp! If you have to run everything so that it doesn’t scale, you have to go 1920.

Which brings us to the Predator monitor.

  1. 144hz (YES!)
  2. 1920×1080 (Nice!)
  3. VA screen (Awesome, I really hate the color shift on TN screens bothered me the most that you can see things go visibly yellow as you looked up to down the screen.)
  4. 27″?? Uh oh, I hear DPI is really bad and you can see pixels.

Happy to say that no, even for text, 27″ @ 1920 x 1080 is acceptable.

Is it fantastic? Not really, obviously a retina resolution makes text super sharp but blowing text up from 24->27″ at 1920 x 1080 is acceptable.

If you look closely, yes you can see pix elation. However the effect is minor and for gaming or movies NOT VISIBLE.

The only time is when you stare at text on the screen.


Good Things I Like

  1. No color shift cause its VA
  2. I can’t tell difference 1->4ms GtG
  3. 144hz smoothness
  4. OSD that has profile switching (old monitor had crap bare bones OSD)
  5. Curve is nice!
  6. Large screen great for movies and games.

Things That Are Meh

  1. Tobii

Tobii is awesome… when the damn thing works.

It doesn’t work, just see how many people have disconnect issues with the device on Google.

Its not just them, its me too!

I can install the device and it works. However the minute I restart the PC, the damn thing won’t stay connected for longer than 1 minute. I tried lots of hokey pokery but nothing so far works. Now I have just given up.

I emailed support and so far they can’t give any real solid answers… just your generic troubleshooting advice.

  • Check the cable
  • Install the software again
  • Use another cable
  • Remove and re-install
  • Are you using the right cable?
  • Is the driver updated?
  • Ok I think you should use another cable.

Seriously, is that the solution? Try another cable? Fine, Ill get another cable and see. No high hopes as if it was cable, the thing wouldn’t work at all.

Useless tech support lol.

Life on 27″

Very nice, happy for the upgrade, I could have upgraded sooner if I knew.

Re: ┬áDPI on 1920 @ 27″, go see it in store and see if it is really much worse than 24″.


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