Don’t buy this QR for OSW wheels


I was looking for a quick release system for a OSW setup.

I found one like this one on ebay.

It was very cheap, around $20.

Warning, don’t use it!

Its rubbish.

There is too much play in the mechanism. Mounted on an OSW wheel the FFB causes vibrations which leads to a lots of noise coming from the steering wheel.

The problem is in the design.

Where the 2 pieces of the QR meet, there is nothing there to apply pressure to the 2 pieces to keep them together to ensure a snug fit… except for 4 rubber stops. The mechanism consists of 2 rings that fit into each other and a locking ring that rotates and keeps the 2 inner pieces locked together. The problem is that the stops don’t even compress and aren’t spring loaded or anything, so they don’t do anything to keep the pieces together snuggly.

Waste of money.

If you do want to gamble some money on chinese QR systems, then this one works much better.

However… it still has play in it. You can physically wobble the steering wheel left and right. However while driving its not something you notice.

Unfortunately as these are all OEM parts they have no name to make it easier to find. I suggest saving images and using Google Image search. However, just browsing eBay for QR will list these items soon enough too.


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