How to mount your mige osw to a table using cheap clamps


Got a new OSW mige wheel? Don’t have a sim rig or wheel stand to mount it to but want to make sure the wheel is in working order while you get everything else organized?

Have a table? Sure you do! But you can’t or don’t want to screw bolts into it because its:

a) A beautiful table

b) Its a rental

Here is your answer.

Cheap hardware clamps.

These cost me about $4 a clamp at the local hardware shop.

See the black felt on top? That is so that the clamps don’t ruin the table. Also available anywhere, commonly sold as furniture feet/floor protectors for about $4.

How do you clamp the mige? If you have the motor mount like so.

Is it stable? Absolutely, especially if the table itself is mounted to a wall.

You don’t have to cinch it down too tight either, there is no movement at all on the table with just moderate clamping pressure.

Best part?

  1. $12 in materials.
  2. Easily un-clamp in 10 secs to store your mige.

You could buy a Fanatec CS table mount for $80, then find a drill bit… drill some mounting holes. Not worth it.

Pro Tip: Find a clamp with less threads than that in the pictures. The more threads, the longer it is and the more likely you will hit your leg or knee on it.


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