Open Sim Wheel – Augury Kit – First Impressions


After managing to acquire an open sim wheel Augury kit, I finally got it all installed and here are my first impressions after about 8 hours of use.

Its tiring

Maybe i’m a bit of weakling, but after 4 hours of this thing and stuff hurts.

Its a 20NM “small mige” motor but nothing about it is small at all. The unit itself weighs around 12kg, you can appreciate the heft of it when you have it resting on your lap.

There is no way I want to run the wheel at its full power IN any game, most times I’m having to turn the FFB way way way down.

For example. Dirt Rally.

Having the MMOS at 100% max FFB, I have to turn down the self aligning torque to 15%. Even then, big jumps will jolt the steering wheel and can make it a very uncomfortable experience.

I remember reading that Ollie Kits are sold with the voltage levels slightly reduced so that users don’t injure their wrists with the wheel. I even asked if I needed to change any settings to get more power out of the kit. That was a waste of time as if anything I want to reduce the torque!

One word, “over-engineered”. The mige servo motor is seriously overkill for any $60 racing sim.

I have tried the T300RS and even that (when it works) puts out more than enough satisfying feedback at around 7NM… 20NM is too much. In fact, I probably should have just gone for a consumer CSW 2.5 from Fanatec and saved the money maybe.

So how does 20NM feel?

Strong enough that I would seriously take my hands of the wheel if I ever got into a collision.

Which brings up an interesting question, if you are just buying it for the FFB itself… is a high end consumer wheel good enough? I haven’t had enough experience with “crap” wheels to really understand what people say about the FFB being more dynamic on an OSW. I guess also Dirt Rally might not be the best game to enjoy FFB as well.

The legs hurt too!

I have the CSL Elite load cell pedals and the amount of braking force and pedal force on the throttle does tire me out after 4 hour long sessions. Without shoes on and on an arguably crappy setup where the pedals are not mounted to the floor, my feet are sore.

Setup is easy

I don’t have a racing rig yet, but I was able to clamp the mige using some of the shelf $8 clamps with no troubles at all. The only thing I had to do was put some padding between the clamp and the table to stop damage to the table.

It wasn’t necessary to spend money on a club sport table clamp at all, which would have cost $80 + time spent to drill holes in it just to have a usable table mount.

Once all the cables are plugged in, 1 to the computer, 1 power and 2 cables to the mige… the OSW appears in your devices list as a MMOS Wheel.

I was supremely happy at how easy it was to install, the wheel calibration is also quick and very accurate. I didn’t see the violent end stop to end stop thrashing that you get on the auto calibration on Thrustmaster wheels.

The MMOS software is great too. Any change you make to it is instant, although I don’t necessarily understand what all the settings do.

I do know that in some games, ALA Dirt Rally if you don’t put in filtering + friction filter on, the wheel will start to vibrate and cause a very high pitch squeal.


FFB is hit or miss

Some games do it well, most do it very poorly. So far, Automobilista has the most convincing FFB I have felt, eg If you try to dry steer, there is a lot of resistance… but it gets easier once you get the car moving. Another example is how natural and realistically the wheel returns to center after a turn just like in a real car.

Dirt Rally FFB is…. pretty meh, haha.

You have “suspension” but it adds a rumble effect to the wheel… not sure how realistic that is.

I’m still tweaking and I hope in time to dial in some great settings for myself.

Suede steering = black hands

This is annoying. The black suede steering wheel is dying my hands black. I have to use gloves.

Its also making my white table black and my white keyboard grey.

Maybe I might be better of

  1. Getting expensive suede wheel
  2. Getting a nice leather wheel

Attaching the steering wheel; pains

You need a set of allen keys on hand + a small spanner or else you can’t install a steering wheel.

I didn’t have any of these so I had to hunt for them at the local hardware shop.

Once attached its stable, however I am getting clicking/creaking noises from the steering wheel and button box.

I sent an email for some help, hopefully we can figure out what is going on.

Interestingly enough if I leave a little bit of play around the shaft the creaking noises are less as I assume the motor shaft play is absorbing some flex.


That’s it for my first impressions. I will come back later with a detailed review of the wheel and components.


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