The minimalistic 40×40 open sim rig


I’ve been busy in the lab designing a sim rig using 4040 extrusion.

The original design was this.


  • Seat height adjustable
  • Pedal height adjustable with angle
  • Separate monitor stand

Total Price

~10,000b with delivery. Cheaper than a manufactured rig but still pricey.

Version 2

How can I make it cheaper?

By throwing stuff out that I didn’t need.

So this is the new design.

Pedal height/tilt adjustment. Removed.

I realized my Fanatec CSR elite LC pedals worked absolutely fine without any tilt or height adjustment. I didn’t need to make the pedals higher, if anything I needed it to sit as low to the ground as possible.

Re-spec my design the new total cost comes to:

~8,700b = Saving of %15 off the original price.

Importantly, it was sub 10k.

If I need more supports etc I can always add them. So far it seems fine.


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