Clothes for ultra light travel


I love the challenge of ultra light travel, that and I hate carrying a heavy backpack. It feels literally like I’m under forceful oppression.

Clothing is the first big step. One word, synthetic materials. Anything with polyester, spandex etc

That shit is light, dries fast and packs down to nothing in size.

Second word… Uniqlo.

They make awesome ultra light clothing, anything airism is your ticket to a better clothed future.

The Packing List

4 x airism shirts. Don’t buy the mesh versions, unless you want your nipples to be a visible part of the expression of who you are.

4 x airism boxer briefs. Thin light, like wearing nothing at all. Wash it in the shower and hangit up. Will be dry for you the next morning.

1 x boardshorts. You want anything spandex for stretch and comfort. Spend up, think Hurley phantoms, oneils etc. They must stretch. I rock a pair of black shorts as it matches anything.

1 x airism long pants. These are awesome. Marketed for golfers, but perfect for you the ultralight traveller.

4 x merino socks. Get them all the same color so you don’t have to match socks out of the wash.

1 x ultra thin hooded fleece hoody. Thin.

How about for winter?

With the above as the basic, all I did was added

1 x long pants thermal

1 x ultra light down jacket

1 x fleece gloves

1 x beenie

With that I was able to survive comfortably 1-2c days in Japan while it was snowing.

The best part, it weighs very little.

Forget about cotton, jeans etc. Too heavy and never dries.

If you hate shopping… Even better news. Using my strats you can get 90% of the above at uniqlo.

Buy overseas and you can even get duty free 🙂


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