2018 Bangkok Club Guide – Best Places To Pickup


Clubs open and close and re-open all the time. Here is list of all the current clubs that are open in Bangkok.

Nice Clubs

Nice clubs open 10pm and close 2am. For more party you are restricted to the seedy clubs on Sukhumvit road.


Funky-villa burned down a year ago and now its been rebuilt. Demo is THE place to meet hi-so guys and gals.

Free entry on the weekdays, but paid if you are a farang on weekdays.


Go in early to avoid disappointment. Crowds gather here quick and once its full even going up to the bar is impossible as they set drink tables on the service area.

Only 1 room, and full of the same crowd you can find at Demo… except expect more Thai people and less farang.


Warning! Live Thai band, interspersed with a bit of whatever is popular.

One roomer, all tables and generally less people so you can walk around the club.


A grand ol establishment. 3 rooms, outside smoking area with lounge chairs.

Everybody wants to come here at least once. One of the biggest clubs in Bangkok.

Prices have been going up recently so it doesn’t pull the large crowds that it use to. Comparably bottle prices are cheaper at Demo!

On some nights Thai nationals have to pay entry (use to be free all the time).


The only other big club on the RCA strip. Next door to Route 66.

They only play EDM and hardcore all night every night.

Big DJs come to spin their stuff here regularly on Thursdays, so expect to pay 100b more for events.

Onxy entry is higher than Route 66 but on the other hand bottle prices are actually cheaper as they throw in 8 mixers and ice.

DEMO/Onxy are affiliated so you see the same crowds go to both.

Beware Ladyboys prowl and congregate on the left hand side of the club near the bar.

Seedy Clubs

So you had a big night, polished of a bottle (or 2) of something nice and now you need something to do to work off that alcohol.

Your only real choices are clubs on Sukhumvit soi that close 4am.

Is *seedy* because 90% off all girls are working girls, the other 5% are tourists and the other 5% are normal girls.


By far the biggest club.

Taxis will take you there for free as they get a 100b commission for each farang they bring to the club.

Its a new location as they moved in 2017.


About 1/3 the size of Insanity but full off people after 2am.

Mostly asian (Korean) crowd here so white folks might feel out of place.

Lots of Karaoke girls come here after with customers etc.

Awesome techno inside and 400b entry gets you 2 long islands, while Insanity only gets you one drink ticket.

Sisha available on request as well.


Its a Love or Hate with this club. 2 rooms, RnB and a Techno room.

Poorly ventilated so you will smell of smoke before the nights out.

Cheapest entry off all clubs, a Taxi will even take you there for free.

Has the distinct (dis)honor of hosting lots of Russian looking working girls from all the stan countries… egĀ (Uzbeki, Turkmeni, Kazakh).

Come in before midnight if your eager and you might catch a 2fer1 drink special.


If you wish you could go back in time and party like it was early rave 2000s all over again… this is your club



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