How to find a kick ass apartment in Bangkok


Choose a BTS/MRT station you would like to live on

  • Look for Tesco/Big C near the station as it will make hauling back groceries easier.
  • If you travel a lot, living near the airport might be a good idea.
  • Transfers from BTS to MRT is messy, best to live on one line only if you need to travel between 2 primary locations frequently.
  • BTS/MRT makes getting around BKK easier. Traffic is hell and nothing beats hell, I mean traffic, like an elevated railway.
  • Sure its pricier to live next to a station, but if you really want to find a 10k $350USD cheapo apartment be prepared to walk more or live in a really old condo.

Walk into any condo you like and find the rental office

You don’t need a Thai person to help you with this.

All big, new and clean condos will have a rental office. (You want new & clean right?)

Enquire about prices.

As a general rule you can negotiate $1-2k less than asking price.

If this is too hard! Find a real estate agent to help you… how? There are a couple of apartment rental listing sites for foreigners in BKK. Just enquire on the site (ignore the listings, most are old and havn’t been updated). They will assign you a lovely agent that will drive you around/show you apartments in an area within your price budget. (If you want a recommendation email me and I will introduce you the lovely agent that helped me)

Some ideas of price on the main Sukhumvit Road for a 1 room condo within 10mins walking distance from station.

  • Asoke 20-25k
  • Thonglo 18-20k
  • Onnut 15-18k

Its cheaper to live further down the BTS line away from Siam or to live further down the soi from a station. Incidently, condos tend to get older down the soi.

All the night life action is concentrated in Asoke/Nana or ThongLo/Ekkamai.

Sign a contract

You need at least 1-2 month of bond, and the first month rent is normally paid in advance.


  • Electricity is about 900-1500b a month depending on AC usage for a 1 room condo
  • Water is 20b a month (ie negligible)
  • Internet is 800b a month
  • No gas in Bkk

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