The cost of living in Bangkok Thailand @ 2017


How much does it cost to stay in Bangkok?

Thailand can be cheap, very cheap. However coming from a 1st world country, you do want to keep up at least the same level of comfort.

So here is the cost of living for a person wanting a similar way of living out in the 1st world middle class way.

This is the minimum cost, add extra for entertainment, booze etc. If you want to eat out its an extra expense, the assumption is that you don’t cook.

Travel not included as I don’t know where you want to go, but taxis are cheap and motorcycles are very cheap. BTS is also great if you buy a 28 trip pass (28b average trip).


Numbers are for a month unless otherwise specified.

Rent @ Onnut BTS Condo (1 RM ~30sqm) =  15,000b

Water bill  = 150b

Electricity = 900 – 1200b (Depending on how much air conditioning you use)

Mobile = 299b

Internet = 700b

There is no gas in Thailand!

Just to have a roof over your head, the basic utilities connected and access to Facebook.

Total = 17,349b


If you wanted to spend the least amount on eating, you would go to the street vendors or to a super market like MaxValue, Tesco or Big C.

There is a MaxValue just around the corner from me, so I eat out of it almost everyday.

The basic packaged meal is 35b. You get rice, a fried egg and a side dish like basil chicken etc.

Enough calories in that so you won’t starve and enough variety that you could eat it day in day out without getting to bored.

If you were on a minimum spend,

3 x 35b = 105b a day x 30 days = 3,150b

Then add on more if you want to get fancy.

Eating out at a restaurant will set you back 250b on average for a plate of anything.

Half a pineapple, or a quarter of a watermelon will set you back 20-30b a cutting.


You can’t drink tap water, so you have to get water either from water filtering machines or order it in bottles from Tesco/Big C.

I don’t bother with the public water filtering machines because I can’t be bothered to fetch water in 5kg jugs. Its a bit to much work.

Tesco will deliver water to you for only 40b anyway, or for free if you spend over 1500b at Big C online.

Below are prices from the Tesco online website. 6 x 1.5L bottles of water is only 52b.

For me I go through about 6 bottles a week.

One month = 208b + 40b (delivery) = 248b

  • An alternative is to invest in a water purifier at around 5000b, which would pay itself off in about ~20 months.
  • The water filter most condos provide is is about 1b for 1.5 litres (Bring your own water can)


All the things you need to shi*t, shower, wash and keep clean.

I just filled a trolley of what I would use each month. You can see what is in the cart below.

It doesn’t cover everything, but it covers the bare minimum if you want to keep yourself and your clothes clean.

Total = 905b + 40b (delivery)  = 945b

Grand Total

  • A roof = 17,349b
  • Calories = 3,150b
  • Hydration = 248b
  • Sundries = 945b

Grand Total = 21,692b (~USD 639.31)

You need at least USD 640 a month.

The lion share of that is rent @ 15,000b. You can live further out from a BTS line where rent drops to as low as 5,000b.


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